OJKC conducts research into missionary awareness and actions of young people

11 November 2019

What role do young people see for themselves or others in passing on the Christian faith? The Research Center for Youth, Church and Culture (OJKC) will investigate this among young people aged 16 to 25 in the coming period.

The research center carries out the research on behalf of the Reformed Zendingsbond (GZB), the Reformed Youth Association (HGJB) and the IZB, an association for missions in the Netherlands. These three organizations want to use the results to better connect with the young people in their supporters. The results of the study should be known at the beginning of 2020.

Dr. Elsbeth Visser-Vogel is the principal investigator on this project. For more information about the research, please visit the websites of the three clients or our research page.


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