Podcast: Emerging Youth Ministry Research in Kenya and The Role of Ubuntu

22 July 2022

What are the challenges for youth and youth ministry research in Kenya? And what is the role of the concept of 'ubuntu' in faith formation and apologetics in youth ministry?

Youth ministry research in Kenya

In this episode a conversation with Dr. Kevin Muriithi Ndreba. He is a Kenyan researcher, a youth minister in the Presbyterian Church of East Africa in Nairobi and involved in teaching youth ministry at the Pan Africa Christian University. Also, he is a board member of the International Association for the Study of Youth Ministry. Dr. Muriithi Ndreba researched many (practical) theological topics in the context of youth and youth ministry in Kenya.

Ubuntu in Christian faith formation

In this conversation you will hear Dr. Muriithi Ndereba speak about the state of youth ministry and youth ministry research in Kenya. Also, you will hear about the role of apologetics in Christian faith formation of youth in Kenya. Other topics in this conversation are the inclusion of youth and the African concept of ‘ubuntu’: what is the role of ‘ubuntu’ in Christian faith formation, apologetics and youth ministry?


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For more literature references of Dr. Kevin Muriithi Ndreba, please visit Dr. Muriithi Ndreba's Research gate profile.


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