Podcast: Christian young adults in Lebanon

2 December 2021

How is the religious identity of Christian young adults in Lebanon shaped? How does ethnicity, history and liturgy influence religious identity development? 

Young adults and participation in worship

In this episode of the Faith in Youth-podcast we have a conversation with Dr. Rima Nasrallah and Dr. Ronelle Sonnenberg. Rima Nasrallah is Assistant Professor of Practical Theology at the Near East School of Theology in Beirut. Ronelle Sonnenberg is researcher at the OJKC and Assistant Professor of Practical Theology at the Protestant Theological University. Together they do research among Christian young adults in Lebanon and their participation in contexts of worship. In this podcast they share findings of their research among Christian young adults in the Armenian Apostolic and the Syrian Orthodox Churches. 

The practice of 'embrace'

In this conversation you will hear much about how the complexity of Christianity and religion in Lebanon shapes young people. Also, how the religious identity of young people in Lebanon is shaped in a context in which ethnicity, (traumatic) history and liturgy are intertwined and how it shapes the religious identity of young people. And you will hear how the theological notion of ‘embrace’ – as described by Miroslav Volf – functions to understand theologically the practices and developments in which young Christian adults gather and participate.

Mentioned articles

In this episode reference is made to the following articles:
- Rima Nasrallah and Ronelle Sonnenberg, 'Oriental Orthodox Young Adults and Liturgical Participation: A Matter of Identity.' In: Exchange 49 (2020), 358-378;
- Rima Nasrallah and Ronelle Sonnenberg, 'Embrace at the International Ecumenical Youth Meeting in Beirut 2019'. In: International Journal of Practical Theology (forthcoming).


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