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Internationale publicaties OJKC

Van de hand van OJKC medewerkers verschijnen in 2012 de volgende vier publicaties in internationale wetenschappelijke tijdschriften:

  • Sonnenberg P.M. & Barnard M. (2012). Educating young people throug Christian youth worship. Reclaiming space for learning in liturgical context'. Accepted for publication in HTS Teologiese Studies/Theological Studies.
  • Visser-Vogel, E., Westerink, J., De Kock, A., Barnard, M., & Bakker, C. (2012). Developing a framework for research on religious identity development of highly committed adolescents. Accepted for publication in Religious Education.
  • De Kock, A. (2012). Promising approaches to catechesis in church communities: towards a research framework. Accepted for publication in Journal of Practical Theology.
  • De Kock, A., Roeland, J., & Vos, P.H. (2012). Beyond individualization. Neo-evangelical lessons for religious socialization. Accepted for publication in Journal of Beliefs & Values.